Furious Ostrich Simulator

Android Simulator

Welcome to the wild life of jungle with the battle of hunting and survival in Ostrich games with latest animal fighting games. An ostrich eats fruits, leaves, insects etc, but with this ostrich simulator as a big wild ostrich you have to survive against the dangerous animals in ostrich games and jungle fighting games with the blend of wild animal simulator. Control your ultimate ostrich beast in latest animal fighting games and attack your prey to survive in savanna jungle with this action packed ostrich games with ostrich simulator and wild animal games that you can mate, with our FURIOUS OSTRICH SIMULATOR!


In animal fighting games with the twist of wild animal simulator your giant ostrich explore the big savanna jungle and tropical rainforest, look for prey to attack for your survival, with ultimate jungle fighting games. Fight with bunch of wild animals for survival like cheetah, lion, jaguar, gazelle, rhino, angry elephant and many more with your ultimate angry ostrich attack in ostrich games. Play with your mate for survival and also for attacking more powerfully with animal fighting games and wild animal games that you can mate. You have 15 levels with detailed gameplay of ostrich games with the twist of wild animal simulator.


– Incredibly unique idea about savanna jungle life and wild animals.
– Variety of realistic animals to hunt in jungle games.
– Ostrich games with brutal battle and revenge story.
– 15 levels of wild animal simulator with other angry animals in savanna jungle adventure.
– Superb animal fighting games combination with angry ostrich attack animations.
– Play with mate to fight more aggressively in jungle fighting games.
– Ultimate survival missions with wild animal games.
– You can take and share your gameplay snap shot on social media.

At the end to sum up! this is battle of hunting, survival and wild attack. Survive for yourself and for your growing family, attack your prey and become the ultimate wild hunter in wild animal simulator game with animal fighting games. Download newest idea in wild life with FURIOUS OSTRICH SIMULATOR and start the ultimate battle of survival in wild animal games.

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