Furious Crocodile Simulator

Android Simulator

Swim, crawl, swamp and attack on your prey with your crocodile simulator games 3d and crocodile attack. In crocodile games as a reptile you have to be a furious and ruthless predator. With this crocodile simulator and crocodile games, control your giant crocodile in water and on big dry land. Crocodile attack 2016 games were never thriller than this newest crocodile simulator game. Start your crocodile family and protect your little crocodiles and mate to become a ferocious hunter in newest wild crocodile simulator and wild crocodile games with the twist wild crocodile attack. In wild crocodile simulator games, all about survival and ultimate battle with other animals like wolf, lion, Hen, bear and many other big and giant animals in newest animal fighting games. so are your ready to handle this wild sea beast in latest crocodile attack 2016 with our ultimate wild crocodile attack games 3d. Chase and attack ferociously on the animals with great wilderness in this crocodile games or crocodile attack of 2016. Play for survival and hunger in FURIOUS CROCODILE SIMULATOR 3D games 2016.

Hunt or be hunted is a part of ultimate battle of survival of furious crocodile simulator games. You have to maintain health and energy by eating other animals meat just like a real and angry crocodile attack games. You can play with your family as well and attack on your prey together by customizing button. A wild furious crocodile simulator is a complete life of a crocodile with its mate and baby hedgehog. A wild crocodile simulator game and crocodile games for animal simulator lovers. Attack, chase, hunt and survival is the only option in wild jungle, so survive as long as you can. Jungle is full of angry animals like, bear, lion, tiger, rhino, hippo, elephant, snake, anaconda and many more. Download new FURIOUS CROCODILE SIMULATOR ? with newest crocodile games and crocodile simulation.


▶ Huge hungry and wild crocodile with 3D animations.
▶ Start and protect your crocodile family with angry crocodile.
▶ Ultimate battle of survival and hunger in crocodile games.
▶ Action packed crocodile simulator gameplay with various missions of hunting and attack.
▶ 3D RPG style gameplay with complete quest in wild crocodile games.
▶ Realistic water and savanna jungle environment with crocodile sim.

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