Chimera Lion Dragon City Rampage

Multi shaped beast with various wild animal faces has come into city from deadly dark forest. Chimera lion dragon is creating ultimate chaos and huge rampage around the town. This lion dragon formed Chimera animal has deadly attacking and fighting powers which you never seen in other rampage games. Control this monster sized animal and start destruction in the city with Chimera Lion Dragon City Rampage. Crush buildings and vehicles into pieces and use your furious fire with the help of your dragon animal rampage and blaze everything. Show your fury and rage, smack everything comes in your way with lion dragon. Lion dragon hunter is monster sized scariest predator which will trample down whole city with ultimate fighting, hunting and attack powers.

Beware from police shooters and citizens with weapons! Escape from police sniper shooters and destroy military vehicles like chimera smasher. Play as an infuriated angry chimera dragon or lion dragon came from jungle. The city once yours is riddled by strange hidden attacks and hit everything with your furious fire power and pounce attack of your lion dragon in RPG games. People are running fast and screaming here and there, they want help from city police so be ready for lion dragon vs city police destruction battle. Feel the thrill and rush in your blood playing as big angry Chimera lion dragon a merciless and scariest predator of the jungle that is creating rampage in city.

Fight for survival and hunger and keep your health bar alive by hunting and chaos. In this lion dragon hunting game! Become a cruel hunter who is on revenge mission and have no mercy for anyone. In chimera simulator 3d, run your way through the forest while you stalk out your prey! Use your stealth and cleverness to carefully calculate the right time and strike hard but attack silently, loop around and smash or crush your foes with force of trios attack power as wild chimera dragon beast.

Features in Chimera Lion Dragon City Rampage:

• Play as chimera hunter who has multiple shapes of dragon & lion.
• Hunt & chase your prey with trios hunting powers.
• Smash, attack & destroy everything with furious fire & other fighting hunting powers.
• Addictive RPG gameplay & realistic animations & epic battles with chimera monster sim.
• Hunt city police forces equipped with modern weapons & sniper rifles.
• Gain health & unlock lion dragon hunt mission by attacking animals or humans and fighting others for survival.

In chimera simulator 3d, Start your city revenge, chaos and destruction mission with powerful multi shaped monster chimera dragon lion. Your warrior dragon is ready to frightening the humans and animals equally. Feel the terror and menace of being a dragon lion! Throw fire balls towards everyone and destroy everything instantly in Chimera Lion Dragon City Rampage.