Wild Cheetah Adventure Sim

Step into the huge lush green savanna jungle and live the life of a wild cheetah in latest cheetah games with our wild cheetah simulator 3d! Fight and survive in a wild forest filled with deadly traps, dangerous predators, their bosses and enemies and tasty critters with wild cheetah simulator. Use your furious speed to catch preys and unleash the exceptional hunting skills with catch your preys off guard! Start your wild tiger family for more support. Live and survive in the wild! Play as the Siberian or African wild beast to attack wildlife animals and make them your prey. Life of a tiger is not easy but filled with thrill, hunt and adventures in cheetah games free. Fight against the huge creatures and show your hunting and survival skills in this wild tiger attack 3d sim with wild cheetah sim. Hunt down tiger, lion, jaguar, Rhino, gazelle, elephant, and tasty prey hen, hare, birds and many more jungle animals in WILD CHEETAH ADVENTURE SIM. best in cheetah games 3d.

Battle in huge savanna forest against the wild animals show how dangerous an African cheetah can get. Survive in the wilderness to dominate and survive in the jungle wildlife with your cheetah simulator.

In cheetah games 2017 you have to maintain your energy with better health by eating other animals. Explore massive savanna jungle, fight other animals for survival and become more powerful in this cheetah simulator games 3D.

Start your wild cheetah family in this cheetah simulator and cheetah games. Your little African cheetah cubs are in growing stage you have to fight for them and protect them until they grow into fierce fighters.

Use mating and cubs fighting feature and show more power to other wild animals in animal fighting games with wild angry cheetah adventure sim.

Fight and hunt your prey to maintain your energy and trained your cubs to fight alongside in wild cheetah combat mode with tiger games 3d.


– Start battle in 3D RPG clash simulator game in 20 wild cheetah 3d missions.
– Epic 3d game-play with awesome jungle graphics in cheetah chase simulator.
– Fight and survive against African savanna animals like gazelle, hare, hyena, Lion, other cheetah and many more in animal fighting games.
– Kill your target to accomplish thrill missions in latest cheetah games.
– Play as Real African wild cheetah chase simulator.

Tackle your wild beast! attack, hunt and eat your prey in this battle of survival and rule over the huge lush green jungle in animal fighting games. Download WILD CHEETAH ADVENTURE SIM and start the epic battle of survival and hunger.

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Furious Snake Simulator

Become a vicious python or wild anaconda in angry snake games and slay your victims. Slither through the lush green rainforest and make your prey the victim of your snake bite with angry snake attack 3d. In snake simulator new games free 3d be a giant black mamba snake and attack with poisonous teeth and hunt down jungle predators. Anaconda, cobra and python are known as dangerous and deadly snakes and off course black mamba too. You are playing a realistic wild snake simulator with the blend of angry snake attack 3d. In angry snake games for your ultimate hunting use your razor sharp teeth, swift speed, and hypnotic look to hunt down tasty prey and fight dangerous rainforest and ultimate savanna jungle animals. Join epic battle of survival with this FURIOUS SNAKE SIMULATOR! Ultimate among anaconda games free in forest.

In this snake attack simulator 3d game explore the lush green jungle which is filled with wild, ferocious animals and insects. There are 4 playable wild snakes like deadly anaconda, wild python, angry black mamba and the king of snakes Cobra available to choose from. Experience the thrill of defeating and devouring enemies and critics. Start epic battle and Attack on wild jungle animals cheetah, jaguar, hyena lion, gazelle, elephant etc. Fight against ferocious animals and slither through a massive open world forest environment with wild snake games. Get ready to Stalk and make a deadly snake bite.

You might get into a fight against a mighty giant anaconda or a big cobra in this battle of survival and hunger. You have to trap your prey and destroy them with your deadly venom in anaconda games free in forest with your wild snake. Feel the power of attack of a ruthless forest animal and make other wild animals your prey in this snake simulator. Live near swamp, slither around the big jungle, search your favorite prey and attack as a wild anaconda or python to hunt down other animals. Hunt down & fight against the largest collection of wild animals as your foes.


? Deadly attacks and epic battle scenarios in multiple snake quests.
? Kill and attack your target with Wild snake games.
? 4 Playable snakes available to choose from.
? Amazing open world environment and 3D HD graphics
? Survive in the big wild jungle, eat and hunt animals.

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Furious Tiger Simulator

Have you ever imagined or want to be a real wild tiger? Now you finally have a chance to be an angry tiger in wild tiger simulator and tiger games. Hunt or be hunted is a part of ultimate survival of tiger fighter game. This furious and sabertooth tiger thirsts to dominate the whole jungle. Leap into a thrilling new adventure as a ferocious tiger and hunt ruthlessly. In this wild tiger jungle hunt game with tiger simulator games the baby tiger cubs now grown into adult angry tigers. Wild Tiger Simulator 2017 is awesome hunting games in lush green forest wildness. It’s an epic battle against wild animals with animal fighting games like cheetah, lion, jaguar, lioness, Rhino, gazelle, elephant and angry tiger attack as ultimate carnivore Hare, zebra, deer, buffalo and many more animals in this wild animal simulator. Tiger fighter, wild tiger simulator 3d dominates as an African tiger and become furious predator in the lush green jungle. Hide yourself in unseen places use your animal instinct pounce back and attack ferociously on the animals with great wilderness in this tiger games or tiger fighter game. Play for survival and hunger in FURIOUS TIGER SIMULATOR 3D games 2017.

In this wild tiger sim 3d you are acting like a furious and angry tiger in a realistic cheetah games and fight other animals to become more powerful in 15 angry tiger revenge levels. You have to maintain health, energy and hydration by eating meat and drinking, just like a real tiger. Your little cubs are in growing stage you have to fight for them until they grow into fierce fighters. You can play with your family as well and attack on your prey together by customizing button. This animal fighting games will grant you experience to level-up your panther. But remember! protect your family at all costs is your prime duty. So wilderness survival battle has just begun in this wild tiger simulator 3d or wild tiger jungle hunt game.

Features of tiger games:

-Variety of realistic animals to hunt in wild tiger simulator 3D.
-15 missions of brutal battle of tiger quests with other animals in wide jungle adventure.
– Plenty of thrilling, adventure Sounds and Visual Effects in latest tiger simulator.
– Realistic wildness with awesome 3D RPG gameplay with awesome graphics with tiger simulator games.
– Superb tiger games with angry tiger attack animations.
– Every member of sabertooth tiger family is customizable with playing option.
– Large collection of animals to attack like Cheetah, Lion, Jaguar, Lioness, Rhino, Gazelle, Elephant, Hare, zebra, deer, buffalo and many more.

Put your massive jaws to use for your hunger must be quenched in newest tiger simulator. Survive for yourself and for your growing family, chase and attack your prey and become the ultimate wild hunter in newest tiger games with the blend of wild tiger jungle hunt and enjoy real jungle life in FURIOUS TIGER SIMULATOR 3D 2017.

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Furious Crocodile Simulator

Swim, crawl, swamp and attack on your prey with your crocodile simulator games 3d and crocodile attack. In crocodile games as a reptile you have to be a furious and ruthless predator. With this crocodile simulator and crocodile games, control your giant crocodile in water and on big dry land. Crocodile attack 2016 games were never thriller than this newest crocodile simulator game. Start your crocodile family and protect your little crocodiles and mate to become a ferocious hunter in newest wild crocodile simulator and wild crocodile games with the twist wild crocodile attack. In wild crocodile simulator games, all about survival and ultimate battle with other animals like wolf, lion, Hen, bear and many other big and giant animals in newest animal fighting games. so are your ready to handle this wild sea beast in latest crocodile attack 2016 with our ultimate wild crocodile attack games 3d. Chase and attack ferociously on the animals with great wilderness in this crocodile games or crocodile attack of 2016. Play for survival and hunger in FURIOUS CROCODILE SIMULATOR 3D games 2016.

Hunt or be hunted is a part of ultimate battle of survival of furious crocodile simulator games. You have to maintain health and energy by eating other animals meat just like a real and angry crocodile attack games. You can play with your family as well and attack on your prey together by customizing button. A wild furious crocodile simulator is a complete life of a crocodile with its mate and baby hedgehog. A wild crocodile simulator game and crocodile games for animal simulator lovers. Attack, chase, hunt and survival is the only option in wild jungle, so survive as long as you can. Jungle is full of angry animals like, bear, lion, tiger, rhino, hippo, elephant, snake, anaconda and many more. Download new FURIOUS CROCODILE SIMULATOR ? with newest crocodile games and crocodile simulation.


▶ Huge hungry and wild crocodile with 3D animations.
▶ Start and protect your crocodile family with angry crocodile.
▶ Ultimate battle of survival and hunger in crocodile games.
▶ Action packed crocodile simulator gameplay with various missions of hunting and attack.
▶ 3D RPG style gameplay with complete quest in wild crocodile games.
▶ Realistic water and savanna jungle environment with crocodile sim.

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