Furious Elephant Simulator

Welcome to the ultimate battle of survival in latest elephant games with elephant simulator in savanna jungles life. Try yourself as a wild Elephant in the most advanced Elephant simulator free games with the twist of ultimate savanna jungle simuWelcome to the ultimate battle of survival in latest elephant games with elephant simulator in savanna [...] Continue Reading

Ultimate Penguin Simulator

Hunt the prey and survive in the frozen cold arctic weather in ultimate penguin simulator. Find your family members and mate in 3d penguin game. It’s time to explore the world as a real wild penguin in arctic land. Feel the freedom as a wild sea animal, but don’t forget to survive as innocent penguin [...] Continue Reading

Tiger City Battle Simulator

Take a control on angry tiger and play latest tiger attack in city with tiger games. Play newest wild tiger jungle hunt 3d games with the blend of city attack. This furious super tiger thirsts to dominate the city! Play as wild tiger Leap into a thrilling new adventure as a ferocious tiger and hunt [...] Continue Reading

Furious Leopard Simulator

Are you ready for new adventure of leopard games with brand new leopard games simulator to raise your family? Control your ultimate beast in latest leopard free simulator and attack your prey to survive in jungle with this action packed snow leopard games and animal fighting games. Snow leopard simulator where u can play as [...] Continue Reading

Furious Ostrich Simulator

Welcome to the wild life of jungle with the battle of hunting and survival in Ostrich games with latest animal fighting games. An ostrich eats fruits, leaves, insects etc, but with this ostrich simulator as a big wild ostrich you have to survive against the dangerous animals in ostrich games and jungle fighting games with [...] Continue Reading

Furious Panther Family Sim

Experience the thrill of being a real furious and wild panther as he rules his large forest and hunt for prey in panther family sim with panther games. This black panther thirsts to dominate the whole jungle in black panther simulator. Leap into a thrilling new adventure as a ferocious panther, hunt your prey ruthlessly [...] Continue Reading

Wild Cheetah Adventure Sim

Step into the huge lush green savanna jungle and live the life of a wild cheetah in latest cheetah games with our wild cheetah simulator 3d! Fight and survive in a wild forest filled with deadly traps, dangerous predators, their bosses and enemies and tasty critters with wild cheetah simulator. Use your furious speed to [...] Continue Reading

Furious Snake Simulator

Become a vicious python or wild anaconda in angry snake games and slay your victims. Slither through the lush green rainforest and make your prey the victim of your snake bite with angry snake attack 3d. In snake simulator new games free 3d be a giant black mamba snake and attack with poisonous teeth and [...] Continue Reading

Furious Tiger Simulator

Have you ever imagined or want to be a real wild tiger? Now you finally have a chance to be an angry tiger in wild tiger simulator and tiger games. Hunt or be hunted is a part of ultimate survival of tiger fighter game. This furious and sabertooth tiger thirsts to dominate the whole jungle. [...] Continue Reading

Furious Crocodile Simulator

Swim, crawl, swamp and attack on your prey with your crocodile simulator games 3d and crocodile attack. In crocodile games as a reptile you have to be a furious and ruthless predator. With this crocodile simulator and crocodile games, control your giant crocodile in water and on big dry land. Crocodile attack 2016 games were [...] Continue Reading