Furious Scorpion Family Simulator

Furious Scorpion Family Simulator

Live life of a poisonous scorpion of green lush jungle and desert environment with this scorpion simulator. Find mate and start breeding, Hunt for your family! Make and fight with the help of your clan and be an alpha. In scorpion games you need to be a wild scorpion insect and hunt down tasty insects, and battle for your life against deadly predators like snakes, birds, or spider also with lizard named iguana & gecko. Play Furious Scorpion Family Simulator on Tap 2 Sim and strike enemies with your poison sting and squeeze with your claws and have fun playing this scorpion simulator games. In this RPG animal game, improve your energy & health by more hunting and eating different insects and lizards.

<b>Raise Scorpion Family & Start Breeding:</b>
In this poisonous scorpion simulation action game you need to find your mate & start breeding. Fight and hunt for your scorpion family. Start hunting for your baby scorplings because they will grow in size and assist you in combat. Rescue you little scorpling from birds who may attack in family simulator games. Learn how to hunt and survival in the wildlife in this scorpion survival real simulator 3D.

<b>Make Clan of Scorpion & Fight with Vicious Jungle Predators:</b>
Start epic battles with desert and jungle wild animals such as deadly snake and clan of venomous snakes, multiple kinds of lizards and different insects. The clan of different birds will also attack on your family so beware and ready for deadly fighting in wilderness of desert in this scorpion family sim. in best of animal family games, your mate will also help you in savanna jungle adventure fighting as scorpion insect.

<b>Multiple Environments in Scorpion Games:</b>
As wild scorpion you will enjoy realistic weather cycle & various environments. Choose your favorite location for hunt and fight like big desert and big open world of savanna forest. In this family simulation games and animal RPG game simulator you will enjoy realistic RPG quest based gameplay. Run across the plains and forests and start fight against predators aggressive wasps and bugs in scorpion sim with 3D stunning graphics.

<b>Ultimate Scorpion Survival & Jungle Adventure:</b>
So be ready for battle fights in world of adventure with ultimate hunting experience in Furious Scorpion Family Simulator. Fight for family survival and take care of your energy and health bar which is important for fighting. Vicious bosses like snake and other insects like giant lizard (iguana & Gecko) birds and poisonous frog is ready to attack. Kill them before they hunt you in animal family games.

Only hunting of prey will rise up your hunger and health. Enjoy this family simulation game in huge savanna jungle and vast desert with lots of enemies to fight for territory and family. Download Furious Scorpion Family Simulator and live in the wilderness.

Savanna Animal Racing 3D

Savanna Animal Racing 3D

Feel the heat of beautiful savanna jungle atmosphere and join the animal racing with different big cats and other wild animals. In Savanna Animal Racing 3D simulator game especially animals race tracks with realistic hurdles and different obstacles are designed for animal racing games lovers. Dive into the fusion of animal race games and choose your favorite big cat like jaguar, leopard, lion, tiger and cheetah for extreme animal racing. This is not about dog racing games and you need to become a jungle racer and try this 3D racing simulation with vast categories of wild animals which will give you an unforgettable moment of life. Savanna forest animal racing has many racing adventure challenges.

You must have played many dog racing games 2018 but never seen such variety of wild animals for ultimate savanna race. Control your lion as wild jungle adventure racer in lion racing games and forget tiger and lion racing games. Play this animal stunt racing and run fast and win the animal racing championship in 3D forest. choose the wild cat that would run fast, jump over obstacles in animal racing simulator. Release the animal for racing and race against cheetah or tiger, fastest jaguar or lion and let’s see your champion greyhound wins or the tiger and horse. You will wonder; when you will see, your lion or leopard will win against world fastest animal like tiger or dog. Unlock more furious animal racers and win the race faster.

This racer game has multiple modes for your endless fun that modes including; quick race and animal championship racing etc. it’s all about animal knockout racing tournament, which wild animal that stays last, knock out form the tournament. So, your main goal is race hard and not to get knocked out and win the savanna animal racing championship. Race for supremacy and reach the finishing line beat other wild animals and become champion in lion racing simulator. Step into the best of tiger and lion racing games.

More Features in Savanna Animal Racing 3D:

• Various wild animals & big cats for ultimate jungle racing.
• Run fast & gain more scores to unlock fast racing animals.
• Animal rally missions with amazing background sound effects.
• Thrilling & multiple big cats racing & animal stunt racing challenges.
• Smooth & intuitive controls with 3D fantasy gameplay.
• Realistic obstacles & hurdles during animal rally race.

Participate in this free racing simulation which is best in the category of animal racing games. You have to win the rush in any case in required time periods otherwise you can lose the mission if opponent animal eliminates you first. The beautiful realistic savanna jungle environment and breathtaking animal racing scenes will attract you to play this addictive and adventurous game. Download Savanna Animal Racing 3D and enjoy the multiple speed rally races of wild animals.

Furious Wolf Family Simulator

Furious Wolf Family Simulator

Live life of a wild wolf, hunt with your mate, make clan of ultimate wolf and then create your family and breed cubs! Start wolf adventure family sim and feel the ultimate wild life in a safari in this fierce wolf games. Complete action <b>RPG quest</b> based gameplay in wolf simulator! Make clan of wild wolf and be an alpha among all wolves in wildcraft animal game online. The wolves hunting for survival and prosperity has started. You can select one wolf from wild wolf or arctic Wolf, and Wild Wolf and start wolf family in this wolf sim game. Play <b>Furious Wolf Family Simulator</b> and show no mercy to all angry predators and monster wilder cats like cheetah, jaguar, tiger with bear or cougar and panther.

<b>Raise your Family:</b>
In this wolf simulator game you need to find mate & start your family and become a predator out on the prowl for survival and dominance in hunting environment. Hunt deer or hare as prey because mate & cubs are hungry in wolf games.

<b>Make Clan of Ultimate Wolf:</b>
Lead your clan as an alpha of pack with ultimate fighting skills. Use sharp claws and bite with strong jaws to end up your enemy in one attack with wolf games free where u can play as the wolf and has babies and mate online. Fight for survival and feed and protect your babies because they wants care in family sim games.

<b>Play as Cub or Mate:</b>
You can be a wolf cub or play as mate while fighting with wild animals in wild wolf simulation & wolf survival adventure game.

<b>Magic Attacks:</b>
Use furious fire and fire ball attack automated powers to wild animals and other hunter forces in best of wolf simulator games to raise a family with wildcraft animal sim. Save your territory from wild animals! Use other attack features including bite, claw and pounce. Chase your enemy with sneak and stalks.

<b>Battle with Village Hunters:</b>
Kill hunters with your special attacks and rescue your cubs from their detention. They are equipped with furious weapons like axe and cross bow. You need to beware from cross bow archery hunter and huntsman with sharp axe! Fight & kill them after brutal fighting & rampage.

<b>Hunt Farm Animals for Survival:</b>
In this online RPG wildcraft animal sim you need to hunt and fight with farm animals. Battle various prey like deer and buffalo & make them a tasty prey for family and other members of wolf clan in wolf games 2018. You will surely enjoy the thrill of wolf survival games.

Start this RPG based family simulator game of ultimate wild wolf and complete the adventure and survival missions. Download <b>Furious Wolf Family Simulator</b> and enjoy the Ultra HD gameplay with 3D savanna forest graphics.

Furious Lion Vs Angry Anaconda Snake: Wild Sim

Furious Lion Vs Angry Anaconda Snake: Wild Sim

Amazing wild adventure of savanna wildlife and ultimate fight battle of furious wild lion vs anaconda snake and other venomous snakes. Play this wildcraft animal simulator with deadly battles between wild lion with ferocious predators of the dark forest. Furious Lion Vs Angry Anaconda Snake: Wild Sim is thrill fighting action simulator game for smart device users. This wild lion survival simulator is superb versus fight addition in lion fighting games and angry anaconda snake attack which is complete adventure based wildlife survival. Fight with other jungle animals like cheetah, tiger, panther and elephant or anaconda snakes in wild simulator with RPG gameplay of angry anaconda snake games.

Wild anaconda snake is ready to attack in lion vs anaconda. Play best animal simulator games and forget lion vs tiger fighting games. Fight for survival in the dangers of the wilderness as you fight against aggressive animals such as wolf or other lion. Make your clan of angry lion and release your imprisoned lion from wild anaconda snakes. In wild jungle fight versus the angry animals like hunting lions and anaconda attack. Hunt enemy wild snake and dominate the savanna landscape in lion fighting games. Control the furious angry lion in its fits of fury and help it survive by chasing, attacking and fighting as wildlife safari lion in wild simulator 3d.

In this wild sim you will play superb action simulator 2018 with lion vs snake and win the fighting lion jungle battle. Play as real wild Lion and survive in the wildness as long as you can against monster wild anaconda snake. Attack and start your own pride of lions, fight for your survival and keep hunting as ferocious hunter of savanna forest in anaconda fight game. Start RPG action fighting simulator with your favorite wild simulation. Wild adventure of lion fighting with wild anaconda snake and other poisonous snake clan in lion survival simulator.

Features in Furious Lion Vs Angry Anaconda Snake: Wild Sim

✽ Fight for kingdom of savanna forest & start battle against wild anaconda & other clan of angry snakes.
✽ Ultimate battle with other wild animals like hippo, tiger, wolf & many more.
✽ Release your clan member lion from anaconda after deadly battle.
✽ Chase, fighting, attack & hunt in vast wild jungle adventure & be a king of wild world.
✽ Action RPG gameplay in realistic wildness in angry anaconda games.
✽ Realistic HD graphics & intuitive controls.

Time to forget the lion vs tiger fighting games and try this brand new lion vs anaconda and take a thrill challenge in dark forest. Lethal actions with hunting and animal fighting. Wreak havoc with the kings of the jungle and spread chaos in jungle with their fury against the anaconda snake attack. In Furious Lion Vs Angry Anaconda Snake: Wild Sim, fight and live in the wildlife and start adventure fight for lion survival.

Chimera Lion Dragon City Rampage

Chimera Lion Dragon City Rampage

Multi shaped beast with various wild animal faces has come into city from deadly dark forest. Chimera lion dragon is creating ultimate chaos and huge rampage around the town. This lion dragon formed Chimera animal has deadly attacking and fighting powers which you never seen in other rampage games. Control this monster sized animal and start destruction in the city with Chimera Lion Dragon City Rampage. Crush buildings and vehicles into pieces and use your furious fire with the help of your dragon animal rampage and blaze everything. Show your fury and rage, smack everything comes in your way with lion dragon. Lion dragon hunter is monster sized scariest predator which will trample down whole city with ultimate fighting, hunting and attack powers.

Beware from police shooters and citizens with weapons! Escape from police sniper shooters and destroy military vehicles like chimera smasher. Play as an infuriated angry chimera dragon or lion dragon came from jungle. The city once yours is riddled by strange hidden attacks and hit everything with your furious fire power and pounce attack of your lion dragon in RPG games. People are running fast and screaming here and there, they want help from city police so be ready for lion dragon vs city police destruction battle. Feel the thrill and rush in your blood playing as big angry Chimera lion dragon a merciless and scariest predator of the jungle that is creating rampage in city.

Fight for survival and hunger and keep your health bar alive by hunting and chaos. In this lion dragon hunting game! Become a cruel hunter who is on revenge mission and have no mercy for anyone. In chimera simulator 3d, run your way through the forest while you stalk out your prey! Use your stealth and cleverness to carefully calculate the right time and strike hard but attack silently, loop around and smash or crush your foes with force of trios attack power as wild chimera dragon beast.

Features in Chimera Lion Dragon City Rampage:

• Play as chimera hunter who has multiple shapes of dragon & lion.
• Hunt & chase your prey with trios hunting powers.
• Smash, attack & destroy everything with furious fire & other fighting hunting powers.
• Addictive RPG gameplay & realistic animations & epic battles with chimera monster sim.
• Hunt city police forces equipped with modern weapons & sniper rifles.
• Gain health & unlock lion dragon hunt mission by attacking animals or humans and fighting others for survival.

In chimera simulator 3d, Start your city revenge, chaos and destruction mission with powerful multi shaped monster chimera dragon lion. Your warrior dragon is ready to frightening the humans and animals equally. Feel the terror and menace of being a dragon lion! Throw fire balls towards everyone and destroy everything instantly in Chimera Lion Dragon City Rampage.